Seer, it’s position from where it ‘Sees’ and ‘the Seen’


Purpose of the thinking: Thinking is clarity of a perception within a perspective. Seer and seen are connected by the thinking. Seen is dependent on the Seer and Seer’s ability to choose or navigate itself to move around and see an object with different points of view.steer-stone

Perspective is a state of the subjective mind, looking from a distance and direction although with a limitation of point of view.

Perception is an observed fact or an objective fact or a reality.

Perspective and perception: Perspective and perception depends on the Seer and its location where it exists to see the world, independently. Self confidence is a confidence in the self. This ability of self control comes by freedom of navigation of its points of view (called perspective) and observed fact (called perception).

My grandsons teach me a lot. I am unable to think their location from where they see the world. As they will get worldly or so called educated, there is increased risk of loosing the dexterity of their own self control or self confidence.

What is subject and how it differs from the knowledge:

steer-to-seenPhysics or psychology or mathematics is example of a perspective or subject. Subject means a boundary within which viewers can limit themselves by their different points of views. What each viewer sees is its perception. Within the same subject or boundary where seers have their different positions or perspective, there would be a certain difference in perception but, it would be understandable by one another in themselves.

Perception on the other hand is an observation or a fact which is described in own words or any transferable expression. A book or article on physics written by Einstein at a given time and situation, is example of a perception. Clarity of the perception within a perspective is called thinking.

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Vision by self awareness and self realization: Continuity of thinking is like retreating or distancing from the seen or, increase the visibility and vision. As Seer retreats, the vision is expanded and thoughts become abstract, and words describe it very differently. Honesty, happiness, system or certain principles of physics, are examples of the abstract terms which can only be understood after a Seer is brought to a point where a reality or seen is with clarity of a subject or perspective. Mere definition is unhelpful in understanding of the abstract ideas.

The Truth: Knowledge of abstract terms like happiness, comes with a perspective. Perspective or Seen is an indication, where a soul is positioned as a Seer. As long as Seer is or becomes independent of the seen, it is indicator of the choice of perspectives or seen in hand of the Seer.

This freedom (or vairagya) of becoming free of all perspectives is the end of a subjective mind. It is an end of all subjects or all limitations of thinking.

Physics and psychology and history become one as the observer is unrestricted by any given points of view. When points of views or directions are unrestricted, forever ; and Seer can distance itself from a reality or Seen, the observer or Seer sees the truth.

Observer or Seer of the truth is no longer subjective or limited by points of view. With an ability of the viewer to change point of view, the result of viewing is not a distraction. There is nothing right and nothing, wrong. This, end of points of view, or to be able to see from any or all point of view is a state of the truth. Albert Einstein finally gave up thinking after witnessing or studying relativity. His theory of relativity made him relieved of the thinking, perspectives and perceptions.

Written by: Krishna Gopal Misra
B.Tech. Hons, M. Tech. Industrial Management IIT Kanpur

Facebook profile: kgmisra

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