Power Share by Pebble


Pebble PowerShare-Z (Blue)

Innovative Gadget

The Pebble PowerShare-Z (Blue) is a unique gadget that allows you to transmit the battery power of any OTG-enabled smartphone/tablet into your iPhone/smartphone/tablet when its battery has run down completely. This PowerShare-Z features two micro USB connectors as well as consists of one iPhone connector to enable battery sharing between a range of your smartphones/tablets and iPhones that support the OTG function.

Self-Adjusting Capabilities, Protective Circuit

You need not worry about the input and output current with this PowerShare-Z gadget that allows auto-adjustments as per the specifications of the synced devices. There will also be a dependable safeguarding from overcharging and discharging possibilities owing to the built-in protective circuit in the PowerShare-Z gadget.

Silicone Cover

The soft, silicone cover of this PowerShare-Z gadget keeps it shielded from dust, dirt, break, falls, wear and damage. Designed with an appealing build and with compactness in mind, the silicone cover of the PowerShare-Z gadget also looks impressive and allows you to carry the product where you like for charging on-the-go.

Price: From  650 to 800 (INR)